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Charities at Drop Zone

Charities at Drop Zone Supplies

We at Drop Zone Supplies realize how important charities can be in people’s lives, both whilst in the services and when they leave. We felt that it was important for us as a business to give back to the people that buy from our stores.

So we sat down and decided that we would give on going monthly donations to three charities that we felt made a difference to peoples lives, and who have a connection to the people in our company.

What does this mean if you are looking for a donation?

We feel by supporting the three charities that we do we are giving them the best chance of success we can, so we will not be in a position to help any other requests for donations, either through sponsorship, money or equipment gifts.

Please visit the links on the right and read more about what they do and who they help, and if you are able why not help them out to?

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  • Afghanistan Trust

    Afghanistan Trust

    The Afghanistan Trust was formed on 15 March 2007 to help support soldiers and their families who served with The Parachute Regiment in Afghanistan and who have been wounded or killed as a consequence.

    The Trust is based in Regimental Headquarters the Parachute Regiment and is ideally placed to deal with calls for help, all of which will be dealt with in total confidence.

  • Tommy's


    Tommy's funds research into pregnancy problems and provides information to parents. When a pregnancy fails or a baby dies, the families affected can be devastated and often have a desperate need to know why.

    Frustrated at the lack of research that meant they could rarely answer this question, two obstetricians working in the maternity unit at St Thomas' Hospital in London were inspired to start fundraising for more research into pregnancy problems.

  • Combat Stress

    Combat Stress (The Veterans Mental Health Charity)

    A small but significant number of Veterans leave the Armed Forces with psychological wounds. These can lead to depression, phobias, anxiety, relationship problems and, in some cases, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

    Combat Stress works with Veterans of the British Armed Forces, and members of the Reserve Forces, through effective treatment and support for mental health problems. Everything that we do is free of charge to the Veterans.

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